1. Do you ship internationally?
  2. How should I wash these clothes ?
  3. What is the return policy ?
  4. Can you make me custom airbrushed clothes ?
  5. When do you restock a certain item ?
  6. Where can i buy your garment elsewhere ?
  1. Yes, everywhere. Please read this for more informations about shipping.
    • -Wash item on cold,
      -inside out,
      -hang dry or air dry.
            (don’t use a dryer) I use a special product that I add to the paint so that the design adheres to the fabric.
  2. Please check the return policy page here
  3. I don't do this regularly, but I can study each proposal. Please leave me an email at ajilelife@gmail.com and I will get back to you with a quote and further information.

  4. I rarely restock products because each piece is unique and fits within a limited time frame for a special release. However, you can make a request for a specific product by sending an email to this address: ajilelife@gmail.com.

  5. On apocstore, here

Concerning stylists pulls

If you are interested to pulling clothes/accessories on a set or a shoot, please visit this page.

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